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Is it ok to wear speedos at public pools and beaches?

Yes but you shouldn't if you don't gave the body for it.

I'm still getting the hang (no pun intended) of this site, so I'm posting this again, as I'm not sure if my original improvement on the above answer went through, to wit:

When I was a teenager, I had a large penis for my age, and was taught from an early age to always wear a jockstrap when swimming or doing lifting. Now, many years later, I still do, and I see NOTHING wrong with wearing speedos anywhere. If, as an adult, you don't have the body for it, then LISTEN UP: GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND EXERCISE! MOW THE LAWN; LIFT WEIGHTS; GO TO THE GYM AND GET ON THE STAIRMASTER OR STATIONARY BIKE; AND (THIS MIGHT BE THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR MIDDLE AGE TO OLDER PEOPLE) WALK, WALK, WALK. 30 minutes daily is the current recommendation for exercise, and if you're lucky enough to have the body for it, you can stretch that out to many other forms of exercise.
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