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Is it illegal to wear campaign t shirts to the polls on election day?

Yes. Different states may have different election laws but this is my personal experience in elections in NJ and I believe they are typical throughout the country. A general rule in states is that there be no electioneering within 100 feet of the entrance to the polling place. All polling places have a US flag at the entrance and the 100 feet begins there. Wearing a candidate's t-shirt is considered electioneering and any person wearing one will be refused not only admission to the polling place but also past the 100 foot line. The person will be allowed to vote if the shirt is removed but not before. Other types of electioneering that are forbidden within the 100 area are: parking a vehicle with signs advocating a candidate wearing pins or other items that identify candidate handing out a candidate's literature handing out literature for a candidate placing any kind of political sign within the area speaking directly to voters about a candidate speaking to others loudly enough about a candidate so that persons waiting to vote can hear There can be any other form of electioneering imaginable. And imaginations do work hard at this time. In my experience in elections, as a Challenger seeking to ensure that no violations of the election laws occur, I once convinced the Board of Elections to order certain persons who were working at the polling place to remove smiley face stickers the size of a quarter they were wearing in the polling place. The reason was that they were the same colors that the local candidate had chosen for his campaign signs. This was an obvious attempt to subtly influence voters to think about that candidate. Petty? Yes. But they did not think so because they argued with Board officials that they were harmless and should not be banned. So if it were so harmless, why do it in the first place and then why resist the order to remove them. The Board of Elections ordered them to remove the stickers or be ejected from the polling place. If stickers like these can be banned, then t-shirts will also be banned.
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