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Is it bad to poop your pants?

"Bad" is not the word I would choose. When you poop in your pants, it's messy and smelly. Very young children and infants can't help themselves -- they haven't yet learned to control this function. So we don't make a big deal about it, and clean them up politiely. We want to avoid hurting feelings. For older children who are just learning how to control themselves, it's still not "bad" -- it's an accident, but one that the child should try to avoid, if they can. Again, we try and be polite, not insult or hurt the one who pooped, and generally get over it. For adults, this can be the sign of some very serious medical considerations, so we -- again -- don't make a big deal about it, this time because it's not nice to the person who may be very ill. If you happen to poop your pants, you need to get cleaned up as soon as you reasonably can. Feces -- what adults call poop -- can cause damage when in contact with skin. Also, if you're sick, poop can infect other people. And it's considered impolite for adults to not clean themselves immediately if this happens. So, if this happens to you, you want to clean yourself and your clothing and yourself as soon as is reasonably possible.
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