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I am 11 and you want a bra what do you do?

Age is irrelevant, if your breasts have developed sufficiently large to require modest and adequate support then you need a bra. Sizing is also no different if you are younger, just measure around your chest and under your breasts, note the number in inches and add 2. For example you measure 34 inches and we add 2 to make it 36.
Now measure as best you can around the full part of your breasts, which may be an approximate measurement depending on how level you can get the tape. Take the first measurement from this one and you will have the cup increase, so if you measure 38 and the corrected band size is 36 the difference is 2" which is B cup ( A=1, B=2 etc)
Thus the size you need is likely to be 36B

The best way to proceed is to go to a shop and try on several sizes using the measurements as a starting point.

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