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How would you solve this question buy 3 shirts and 2 hats for 54.50 or buy 2 shirts and 3 hats for 50.50 how much is a hat and how much is a shirt?

Let s=shirts and h=hats and set up your 2 equations 3s+2h=54.50 2s+3h=50.50 You have to multiply one equation by a negative to drop one of the unknown terms so that you can find the other 3s+2h=54.50 (2s+3h=50.50)(-1.5)=-3s-4.5h-75.75 The unknown s drops out and the remaining terms when you combine the equations are -2.5h=-21.25 (2h-4.5h=-2.5h and 54.50-75.75=-1.25) Negative divided by negative=positive h=8.50, 1 hat is 8.50. Drop into one of the equations and figure out s 2s+3h=50.50 2s+25.50=50.50 2s=25 s=12.50, 1 shirt=12.50 Always put your answers back into the equations to check that you are correct
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