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How would you describe the current trends for womens fashion?

There are many, many, lovely and horrific (in my opinion) trends out there for women right now! Being a complete fashionista, I like to stay on top of all the latest trends so here's how I would describe a few:

-plaid (One word: garish)

-brightly colored pants (three words: wearable, diverse, and whimsical)

-leather skirts (one word: edgy)

-ponchos (very hippy-like)

-high slits in dresses and skirts (saucy and daring)

-the femme fatale look (can be very couture but can also be very masculine)

-duster coats (edgy and glam)

-graphic stripes (bold and statement-making)

-fur clothing (can be elegant but can also be much too over-the-top)

Just my opinions, but I hope I helped, have a fabulous day! :)
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