Clothing Answers

How would you describe clothes in French?

You can describe clothes by their color, what they're made of, or your opinion of them.

en (couleur) - in (a certain color)
en coton - cotton
en cuir - leather
en jean - denim

The following is organized like this: masculine form (add ending for feminine form)(add for plural form).
Sometimes, the masculine and feminine forms are the same.

chic - stylish, elegant
mignon(ne)(s) - cute
rétro - retro
sensationnel(le)(s)/sensas - fantastic
très à la mode - in style

court(e)(s) - short
démodé(e)(s) - out of style
grand(e)(s) - big
horrible(s) - terrible
large(s) - baggy
long(ue)(s) - long
moche(s) - tacky
petit(e)(s) - small
serré(e)(s) - tight
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