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How to talk your parents into buying you uggs?

-Explain why you want them. Do you NEED them? (bad answer btw) Will they help you to stay warm in the winter? will you ever wear them? and do you really actually want comfortable, warm boots, or is this just a peer pressure fashion choice? Finally, do you live in a cold area of the country?
-If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then explain this to them.
-Pick a good time: after you have eaten a good family meal together usually works best- when everyone is relaxed. While you are running out the door in the morning is not generally a good time.
-Analyze your financial situation at home: If 1+ parent is out of work or you have a lot of siblings, maybe you should rethink your plan for Uggs. If you don't want to, just keep it in mind...usually adressing them is a good idea. (i.e. "I know times are a little tight right now, but i am willing to pay half in order to get them." That sounds really responsible.)
-If all else fails, offering to pay half is often a good way to gain acceptance of your plan: It makes you look responsible and conscientious.
-No yelling or getting angry- this is a test for later times when you need/want money again.
-If you get them, no complaining. It doesn't matter if they are the ugliest Uggs ever, or if you stub your toe or need money for a movie...just cut back for a while.
-Good luck!
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