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How tight should my bra be?

your bra should be tight enough to not slip off or have too much room making it look stuffed when it's not. however, you need one that isn't too tight that will cut off your circulation. it's best to just get one that is a little big...something that is not tight that will give your boobs more room to breathe and grow. too tight bras will smuggle them and keep them from growing

You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the band of the bra when you're wearing it. And when you put both your arms over your head it should not slide upwards. (When it's a new bra, both of these things should be achieved on the tightest setting on the bra band, since it will stretch during washing and wearing). The 'v' formed by where the cups meet in the middle of the bra should rest on the surface of your skin - if it digs in the bra is either too tight or badly fitting (and will be uncomfortable to wear), if it does not touch your skin the bra is too big/badly fitting (and will not give adequate support).
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