Clothing Answers

How should you dress while you're in Switzerland?

There's no special dresscode. Depending on what you plan to do in Switzerland you just dress according to the occasion.

What is advisable: if you do the tourist thing and go hiking in the mountains, good hiking boots are better than just some sneakers that make you slip when it is wet.
Other than that, whether you prefer sneakers or high heels, just wear what you feel most comfortable in.
It also depends where you are going in Switzerland. If you go for example to Zurich or Geneva and are only planning to go shopping in the famous and expensive Bahnhofstrasse you can even wear a burka or come dressed totally in gold and noone will look at you funny. But if you do that in the countryside this will give you some funny looks for sure.

And it also depends on the season: In summer it is usually hot, not always: so during the day some light trousers and shirt will do, while maybe for the night you can ad a scarf or a light jacket. In winter it can get really cold and wet and slippery... So you would need to pack a really warm winter jacket, winter boots, gloves and scarf. Best for that is to check the weather report before going to Switzerland.
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