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How should you deal with going to a white majority state if you are black?

The way you'd deal with living any other environment--treat people the way you'd like to be treated. If someone is rude to you, totally ignore them--some people will keep on agitating if they know they are affecting you. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated, but don't involve yourself in violent conflicts with a person who isn't worth the trouble.
There are going to be a small amount of racists in any society or state you could live in, whether they're white, black, Asian or hispanic. There are also going to be people who will care less about your appearance and ethnicity and care more about who you are, your job qualifications, etc.  First, deal with the fact there are no black majority states. When you arrive in your new state, make contact with local black leaders in education and government. Stay away from radical racist organizations. Black or white, these groups exist, and have no redeeming social objective or presence. be constructive, not destructive. Be mature and dignified; choose your new friends carefully.
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