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How should you accessorize your prom dress?

you jewelry that either sticks out and is bold and appealing or use jewelry that is a similar color to that of your dress, but not the same exact color. but also make sure that you don't have similar yet different colors of jewelry than that of your dress. for example: a medium blue dress and a teal necklace. a good example of jewelry dress mix would be a light blue dress with a dark blue beaded or pendant necklace. Some of the best colors to use are black, white, gold, and silver. they are neutral colors and go good with just about anything. but remember to be bold too. for example: an orange dress with a yellow necklace and bracelet. oh yah, and another thing, if you wear a necklace, also wear a bracklet. your outfit will then just look more nice and put together instead of incomplete. also, no scarves. they cover up the outfit and dont look very nice. well, i hope that i could be a help, and have fun at prom.(:
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