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How much fabric is needed to make a size 2 dress?

It depends on the type of dress - are you talking about a little sundress - spaghetti straps and cut above the knees, or a full length swilry evening gown, or something in between? You could probably get away with as little as 1 or 1.25 yards for a little shift. On the other extreme, you're probably looking at 6 yards. For something in between, 2.5 - 3 yards is probably safe.
The way to hit it perfectly is to look at the specific pattern that you want to have made (or a pattern that is very similar) and find out how much fabric that pattern calls for. (Each pattern has a table on the back that indicates the amount of fabric that it requires.)
I got my numbers (above) from the reference cards I got from These cards don't go down as far as size 2 (they only go to size 6), but I looked at how much the fabric yardage requirement changed as the sizes dropped from 20 to 6 and I extrapolated. Those tables were created by summarizing numbers from over 2,000 patterns, so I think they are pretty good.
Good luck! :)
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