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How do you thread football belt through slotted pants and slotted pads?

I never threaded the belt thru the pads.. i would imagine it would be difficult to thread the pads and pants. they make an underwear type thing that fits tight to the skin like spandex and has pockets to hold the pads. Any sports store would have them. this is what I would suggest. however it is possible to thread the pads and belt, but not very functional or comfortable. As I have never done I can not say the best way to accomplish it. The pads do not get threaded with the belt. I have found the best way to thread the belt is to attach a large safety pin to the tip of the belt. Then insert the pin into the belt opening in the pants. ( I turn the safety pin around so the elbow end goes into the pants first). Then slowly thread the pin thru the pants and it will pull the belt with it.
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