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How do you tell your mom you need a bra?

when i asked my mom for a bra i was at a store that you can trust with a good variety of choices, Kohl's, we were shopping for shorts (i was with my brother, dad, and mom) . My brother and dad were off in the boys section i tried on some shorts and when we were walking out of the fitting rooms i said hey mom i need a bra. i had to work up my courage. She said okay and we went to go look. we took two sizes in the fitting rooms that looked like they would fit me. the tightest one i tossed aside and tried the other one on and decided what felt comfortable. when i came out my brother and dad were there. i felt embarrassed but realized i am a girl and i am growing up. i knew they would understand. We went to the bra section again to get another one and realized they were on sale and got 3 more. so now i feel like i can ask for another bra at any time. your mom would understand she was once going through the same trouble.
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