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How do you spot a fake Nike shirt?

Well it's pretty hard just by spotting it from a distance, but there are several close up inspections that will proof it's authenticity of the shirt itself.

1) Look out for the instruction tags on the bottom left of the shirt (wearing position), usually it's 2 or more tags stitched together.

2) Nike logo's are never printed at the back of the shirt. Usually it's at the front or the side collar. Otherwise it's part of the design.

3) Examine the Nike logo on the shirt and compare it to Nike's actual logo. In some cases, counterfeiters are unable to exactly reproduce brand logos. The angle, slope or proportions of the logo might be slightly off.

4) Check the label inside the shirt and any lettering on the inside or outside for spelling errors. An authentic Nike product won't contain any errors of this nature, but it's common for low-end counterfeit products to have one or more words spelled incorrectly. The shirt also should have a tag free of errors.
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