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How do you shop at the mall with a budget?

Shopping at the mall with a budget can be tricky.
First,avoid the food court(if your mall has one) the advertisements and aromas will prompt you to buy food,therefore wasting your money.

Secondly,Hit the less expensive stores first. This way you don't blow all your money on one or two items. Make sure you know what you are looking for before walking into any store.You don't want to come out with 10 more items then you anticipated and then not like them when time rolls around to wear them.

When you have been through all of the least expensive stores, total up your reciepts. See if you think you have enough money left in your budget to buy anything from one of the more pricy stores. If yes, go ahead and look at the items in the store.Dont buy anything there unless you absolutely love it. If you don't see anything you like,or if you don't have enough money, walk away and go home.
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