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How do you remove ring around the collar?

"It's not a cute site.. "Ring-Around-The-Collar" Those Horrible, Ugly Stains Actually Ruin Your Interview, Lose You The Deal and Disgust Your Significant Other...Is It!" CONSTANTLY taking your shirts to the cleaner to remove ring around the collar from your collar and can be a nuisance and costly. Think your appearance doesn't matter? Think disgusting marks around your neck and cuffs doesn't give people an image of you that you can never erase??? How about this... You are running late for a job interview. It is a typical summer day with the temperature hovering around 85 degrees. You put on your Sunday best white shirt, dark suit, and nice shoes. Your emotions are running on high in hopes of securing that job you've wanted and needed. You hustle all the way to the interview driving at slightly more than the mandated speed limit. The air conditioning in the car cools you off temporarily. As you arrive and get out of the car you feel the sweat building around your head, neck, hands, and back. You arrive on time and are waiting to be called. Throughout the interview you don't have that sense of confidence because you know your shirt collar reeks of ring around the collar. You can feel the wetness around your neck and back. As the interview comes to an end your potential employer sticks out their hand to shake and glares at your dirty shirt cuffs. You feel very insecure. They utter those dreadful word's will notify you of our decision in a couple of days". And in that exact moment, your hopes are dashed. In the blink of an eye you may have lost the job because of the ring around the collar on your shirt. Get this straight right now because around the collar can be prevented. Ring around the collar is a reflection of you! It announces to the world that you are a dirty person! (at least for the moment) Thankfully, there are Sweat Strips! Sweat Strips are strips of material which are easily placed on the collar and cuffs of any type of shirt. I discovered this strips while working in the midst of summer and realized that my shirt collar was totally destroyed because of ring around the collar. I realized then that there had to be a product that prevents these ugly stains. These amazing strips will protect your shirt collar and cuffs by covering the precise area that accumulates with sweat, dirt, or bodily oils which leave behind stains that are impossible to remove. These simple little strips trap the sweat, dirt, and grime and prevent it from getting on your clothes. Check the links to visit Sweat Strips. No More Ring Around The Collar!
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