Clothing Answers

How do you put on clothes?

It depends on what it is you are putting on. There are a few basic rules that will help you on your quest to clothe yourself.

  • Undergarments go on first, not last. There are some exceptions to this. If you have super powers, it is acceptable for your undergarments to go outside.
  • Undo any buttons, zippers, hooks, or latches your clothes may have before dressing. Make sure to refasten them after putting each item on.
  • Pants go on one leg at a time if you are standing. Sit down if you want to try putting on both legs at once.
  • Hats go on after pull over shirts.
  • Shoes go on after pants.
  • Tags go in the back
  • The part of the seam that is big and bulky goes on the inside
  • Socks go on before shoes
  • If wearing a t-shirt, make sure to put your head through the big hole up top. If you manage to get it through a sleeve, you may have a problem.

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