Clothing Answers

How do you put a outfit together for your preteen?

Well, im a preteen myself. I think (for girls) put some skinny jeans or jeggings. Jeggings are leggings that look exactly like jeans but comfortable. Then maybe some nice boots if its winter/fall or sneakers. Sneakers: converse or maybe jordans (if they have)..... The shirt should be something cute like maybe something from kohls in the teen girls section. They have a good selection of shirts that preteens would like. Then maybe a cardigan or a sweater. (if its fall/winter)

Boys: Since im a girl, i dont know much about boy fashion but heres my best. Get some jeans for them and a shirt. The shirt can have a cool design on it. Or just be a plain red or blue shirt. Then, get the a sweater to put over if weather is appropiate. They would wear any rockin sneakers.
Hope I Helped!
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