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How do you make yourself look thinner?

first off, make your hair appear to be bigger and fuller. slightly teasing your hair can most definitely help this. if you are willing to, get a slight haircut that frames your face, with contouring layers. also, don't wear your hair up in ponytails, because if you do, more attention is drawn towards your cheeks, chin, and neck.
also, make your eyes look bigger. you can do this by applying your makeup artsy-like. this doesn't mean wear a whole lot of makeup, but wear a little more than you usually would, but use colorful eyeshadows and black or colorful eyeliner as well. this distracts from the cheeks and double chins. don't wear bright lipsticks though, wear light tones of gloss or lipstick.
try to get slightly tanner, or apply self tanner. suntans tend to make people appear thinner instantly!
wear slimming clothes: blacks, dark colors, v-necks, knee length skirts, and fitted layered clothes. vertical lines on clothing is very slimming as well.
make sure to wear bras that elevate because a perky bustline can make the waistline appear thinner. if you want to, you can wear underwear that is also a body slimmer, although they can sometimes be uncomfortable.
wear shoes with a platform wedge, or a stiletto, or some sort of heel, it's your choice. they make you look taller and thinner, because heels tend to emphasize the curve of your calf muscle. AVOID ANKLE STRAPS.
make sure to have good posture. it can make you look 5 pounds skinnier if you just stand up straight!
i hope this was helpful! :]


Also another trick is when shopping for new clothes get 1 size larger to create an illusion to make people think you have smaller hipes and a flatter stomach...
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