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How do you know what kind of shoes should be worn with a particular outfit?

Choosing ShoesThe shoe should compliment the feel, texture, and color of the outfit. A dainty outfit needs a dainty shoe. A structured outfit needs a structured shoe. If it is a light, airy, flowy out fit, don't wear a heavy clunky shoe. Try to think in themes. Sporty shoe go with sporty outfits, summer shoe go with summer outfits, etc., but don't forget that the feel and textures need to be similar also. Shoes don't have to match clothes exactly. You can wear shoes that compliment (rather than match) an outfit. For example, a red high heel sandal would really compliment a simple black sundress. Or for guys, a dark maroon casual shoe would be a nice compliment to nice dark jeans and casual button-up shirt. Think about the colors you see on a color swatch from a paint store - different shades of a color go well together. Think about your complimentary colors, too. And, it's hard to go wrong with neutrals. Neutrals can include more than brown or black. Many shades of tan, gray, beige, and sometimes navy blue can be neutral. The shoe should also compliment the fit of the clothes. If the make your pants or skirt look too short or mess up your posture - ditch 'em. Here's an easy guide: the shoe should never distract from the outfit. You should be able to view yourself in a mirror with out being distraced by your feet. If the shoes stick out - they probably don't go.
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