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How do you keep your ex-boyfriend's attention if his mom split you up so he'd start paying attention to his education but can date again later and sho

It may sound cruel to you that his mother interfered, but, it's obvious her son is paying more attention to you and isn't studying hard enough and his grades are slipping. Education is everything if you want to get anywhere in this world. I think her request of the two of you splitting up and after his grades improve you can see each other again is fair. If you are also in school you should be doing the same thing ... getting those grades up. Unless you have heard this from your ex's mother's mouth, then be sure HE isn't using this as an excuse not to see you. If you are sure it's the mother who split you up, then walk over to your ex boyfriend's house and have a talk with her. Be polite, try to be understanding and act mature and tell her you understand that she wants her son to get a good education and you want the same thing for yourself, but would it be alright if her son and you dated on weekends only. to start a convo say things that will impress his mother and make sure that all of your dates revolve around school like studying or going to the library ask the guy if he likes you cuz if he does then not even his mom can get in between that.oh and one more thing im not telling you to be a suck up you to suckup but his mom really sounds like a woman of edaquate an all that stuff try to impress her by using a big vocabulary and being a lady and if her son loves you she can always give you a second chance.
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