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How do you get girls' clothing to wear if you are a teenage boy who loves to crossdress but you don't have a sister or a mom and you are too embarrass

Young Teen Cross Dresser Needs To Know Where To Find Girl's Clothing & Lingerie Without Being Embarrassed About It:
  • You could also use online sales and mail-order sales as well.
  • Lots of young men go into young women's stores and buy clothes and even will ask the sales girl for help. They will just think you're a guy buying your girlfriend some clothing. Look for a sales girl about your size and simply say, "My girlfriend is about your size" and she'll take it from there. If you are very tall (being a guy) then go to a larger women's clothing store.
  • Go to garage sales and other places that offer clothes cheaply. The fact that you are getting girls clothing from anywhere does not tell the people you are buying it for yourself. You could be buying for a gal in your life. Never be ashamed of who you are, but accept the fact that some people will not accept this easily and that is your burden to wear if you choose to no longer hide it. You can live a life that in the privacy of your own home wear the clothing and when you go out wear what's acceptable but that is living two lives. Unfortunately, our species doesn't take kindly to "different" too easily. Being different is what makes the world go around. I'm sure there is a group of people who you can talk to who have similar interests like yourself, you just have to locate them. Try putting in crossdressingsociety online and see what happens, you could find someone to talk to there that can give you advice.
  • You can buy jeans, tank tops, etc., at a used clothing store. Unfortunately, you are going to have to go into Victoria Secret and act as if you are buying for a girlfriend (since you are embarrassed.) As far as a thong I suggest you go "medium size." They aren't very big and after all, you do have testicles so you don't want to squeeze the life out of them! Many men will hold clothing up to them to get some idea if it would fit their girlfriend (just a natural thing to do) so do it! A salesgirl will come and ask if you need help and just say your girlfriend is (tell them your weight and is just over 4'.) They wouldn't think anything of it because if you are small in body build most people would expect you to go out with girls that are at least the same height as you. You should talk to your mother. You have a lot of stress on your small young shoulders. If you can't go to your mother then perhaps an aunt could help out. Pick someone you can trust, but certainly none of your friends. Your friends at the age they are would gossip about it.

  • For pants, skirts, blouses, non-profits (Goodwill, Salvation Army etc.) are good to learn your correct sizes cheaply.

  • Ebay is also a good place once you know your sizes.
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