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How do you get a girl to take off her shirt?

You don't! You should have enough respect for her that you don't look at her as a toy. She is not a sex object, nor is she someone for you to use just so you can get a look or a feel, or to feel like a 'big man'. If and when SHE decides she wants to take her shirt off for you, or for anyone else, SHE will initiate it herself. So until then, you need to show her (and all females) some respect.

And when the time does come that you do get intimate with a girl, you need to first realize what a serious step this is. Having sex should not be just a 'feel good in the moment' thing. It's something that can affect the rest of your life, both for the boy and the girl. You need to practice safe sex, make sure you are emotionally ready for this, and don't ever try to "get" a girl to do anything just because YOU want her to. Sex should be for both partners, not just the male, which is one of the reasons you first need to be emotionally mature.

You need to educate yourself as to the problems and complications that can come from having sex before you are emotionally ready, and you need to make sure your partner is, too. Otherwise, you may end up with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or an unwanted pregnancy, as well as emotional issues that can result in having sex before you or your partner are ready for it.
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