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How do you do make yourself look beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Well, first of all everyone is beautiful no matter what, since you used the terms "beautiful", I am guessing that you are a girl.. am I right? Okay, now do you like to wear make up? If so, then follow my guidelines to help you feel more confident about your self. I want you to go to this website, it will help you learn what make up to wear and how to apply it... I use it everyday. It will show you of different ways to use eye liner, eye shadow, base, blush, mascara, even how to curl your eye lashes. Good luck I hope my info helped you some what. You just sound very insecure about your feattures, but I am the same way, so don't ever worry, just smile and remember that whatever makes you comfortable is all that matters. Not what anyone else thinks!! Have a good time learning new ways of beauty!!!
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