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How do you become a fashion designer?

Firstly, you should be interested in fashion! You shouldn't be the one who doesn't care to see what people are wearing and what suits you and others the best. You need to be energetic and passionate.

Fashion designing is not just a job. It needs a lot of dedication and interest to be successful in the field. Start by identifying designs and styles and inspirations that appeal to you. What kind of clothes do you like to wear? What do you find attractive?

Then pick up a pencil and paper and start to just try to replicate these same designs. As you practice, you'll notice that your drawing skills will allow you to create pretty impressive sketches that really look like their inspiration, and as you get better, start to draw your own ideas! Use inspiration from dresses you already like.

Get your sketches out there! Post your designs to messageboards, forums, facebook, twitter and social fashion networks like and Fashion Industry Network. Tell people your story and ask for their criticism and feedback. SocialAttire will even let the community vote on your dress and let you know what they like or dislike, and if you have the most popular sketch, you could get it produced! Keep searching on google too for sketch competitions. They're all over the place.

As you practice sketching, consider taking some night classes on fashion design or sewing at a local community college. Then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Once you've created a few dresses, you can try to sell them on Etsy, enter them in competitions on SocialAttire, or just give them to your friends! The more dresses you get out into the community, the better the chance that someone recognizes your talent and gives you an opportunity to become an intern.
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