Clothing Answers

How do you be sexy to a girl?

  • Hair: Wash your hair. Don't have dandruff.
  • Style: Get a haircut. (Personally, I love gelled hair!)
  • Skin: Don't have nasty pimples. Use lotion so you don't have dry skin.
  • Body: Have a hot body. So work out.
  • Clothes: Wear nice clothes. Don't wear short pants. Btw, horizontal stripes make you look fat.
  • Smell: Don't stink like poo. Take a shower. Use cologne. Not too much.
  • Hands: Don't have nasty hands. Have clean fingernails and wash your hands after taking a dump or a whaz.
  • Don't smoke! That's such a turn off. A guy who smokes? He smells like poo. And you can't cover that up with cologne.
  • Keep your beard tidy! If you have facial hair, shave it off. But if you want to keep it that bad, keep it nice and trim.
  • Have nice shoes: <--Have nice shoes. Use your sexy man money.
  • Don't be a weirdo: If you don't know how not to be weird, maybe your looks will over-power their creepy vibe from you.
  • Be nice: Don't be a mean person or a kill joy.
  • Don't try too hard: <--Don't try too hard. (;
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