Clothing Answers

How do you apply an iron-on patch to a denim jacket?

First, make sure that the jacket is clean and dry.

Heat up your iron--better to not use steam--to a cotton setting (the patch label may say otherwise, so follow that).

Place the area of the jacket you want to patch so that it is flat on the ironing board. Make sure it will stay in position so you can leave it to cool after you put the patch on. Heat up the area by placing the iron on it for a few moments--make sure the area has no wrinkles.

Place the patch on the warm area of the jacket, hold the iron still to melt the glue, and then gently press along all of the edges. If this is a repair patch rather than being a decorative patch, then cut the patch into a circular shape before ironing it on. This will help prevent peeling.

Leave the patch in place to cool for a few hours.
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