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How did hippies dress?

When I was a hippie I dressed in what ever clothes I could find. Many of the clothes we wore were from Army Surplus, Goodwill, or even clothing drop points, like People's Park in Berkeley. We would add adornments to the clothes, like gluing rhinestones or adding beads. I made leather vests and pouches our of leather that I would get from hunters.
I also found a pattern to make a dress out of a table cloth. It was black and white flowers with lots of fringe. It was one of my favorite outfits.

I also wore bell bottoms, before they were "cool". The weekend hippies wore clothes that looked like ours, but they were bought in a store, while we foraged for ours or made our own.

I also loved to wear old velvet that I would get from thrift stores.

Our values were to go against that of consumerism, therefore recycling old clothes, not buying new ones.

I was a runaway hippie.. You can read the story of my hippie life on my blog
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