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Does every color have a complementary color?

Let's start with what colors have complements
red and green
blue and orange
yellow and purple
one of the colors in the pairs is a primary (where no colors can be mixed to make that color) and the other color is a secondary that cannot be made by two other primary colors that are not of its complement (green is made of blue and yellow while it's complement is red)
if you mix any two complementary colors, it will make brown. However, since brown is made of a primary (red, blue, or yellow) and a secondary (green, orange, or purple) color it doesn't have a complement because it isn't a primary nor a secondary color.
Black is made of equal parts of all three primary colors while white is no color. I don't think they are considered complementary colors, but the fact that brown has no complement, they answer to the question would be no. Not every color has a complement.
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