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Do you wear a jock strap or just plain underwear under a girdle?

Jock Strap or Underwear? I spent 3 years combine playing professional football in the NFL and USFL and I've always seen players use both methods. Its your choice to what seems more comfortable to you.

Jock Strap or Underwear? I only played for four years in High School, and I wore regular underwear under mine. I knew guys who used their girdle as underwear, too. Like the first answerer said, it's your choice. Now, it seems some NFL players choose "Neither" (I was watching a Detroit Lions game earlier this year and their running back had a large hole in the back of his pants, and the only thing visible was butt cheek) which again, is their preference. I can think of one "fashion" reason why someone would go commando in football pants.

If you are going to wear both a jockstrap and a girdle, wear the jock under the girdle. It gives better support that way, and the girdle smooths out the lumps and ridges of the jockstrap. In the good old days, most guys just wore a jockstrap, and it worked. Today many wear the girdle and not a jock, and it makes a lot of sense, and many would say it is more compfortable that way, with the cup inserted in the girdle. Thus, from the skin outward, you have the jock, the girdle, and the pants. It works for me.
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