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Did the Vikings really wear hats with horns attached to them?

Simply answer - no.
It would be very hard to fight in horned helmets, as a sword blow to the side of the head could knock the helemt right off. Not good. The rest of the helmet was right but the horns - not so.

Another answer:
Probably not. It would be pretty crazy to try to fight in a horned helmet!
To add to that, they only wore horned helmets for decoration not for fighting. They would also sometimes use the horns on the helmet for stabbing.

REAL answer-
no vikings NEVER wore hats with horns. when vikings died they were buried with the horn of their best kill. the horns were placed around their head as they were buried. so of course, when scientists deiscovered vikings they presumed that the horns had simply fallen of the helmets over time. very old sketches/drawings prove this fact.
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