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Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Having flareup where it is too painful to lift legs to walk and get into bed and put on pants and this pain it is scary ha

I suffer from the same condition and limitations. Sorry to say i have not found anything for relief except try to limit any activity to no longer than 3 hours followed by rest. ------------------------------------------------------
Ibuprofen 800mg will help with any inflammation that my be caused by over exertion. Which over exertion is easy to do with Fibromyalgia. Ultram, tylonol w/ codeine, or Darviset can help with the pain. Finding a doctor to prescribe htis is sometimes hard but not impossible.
Get Rest- Although rest sometimes is hard to accomplish, your body will feel worse without it. Also many times you may feel like this if a storm is coming. Most fibromyalgia patients can tell you 2 days before a rain or snow storm. People with arthritis can do this to but many times it will cripple someone with FM to the point of not being able to get pout of bed. Unfortunately on these days very little helps with the pain, the analgesics I mentioned above with alleviate it some.
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