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Can you stop balding?

The best way to stop balding is applying Rogain (this is product) (Minoxidil 5%) or other Minoxidil products.
Don't panic. You just need to use this every single day (twice a day- morning and night time before you sleep).
First you will see some hair falling off which indicates that the product is working. It is exchanging the DHT (please Google it) hairs and replacing them with renewed hair which is not affected by DHT.
There is literally shampoos that will helps clean the scalp deep within so that the Minoxidil can revive the dead DHT affected follicles. (find the shampoos and look at reviews on
Please take your time to look at -under beauty > hair loss.
Do your research, take your time and don't panic because there is way to actually regrow your own hair again.
After you see some of the affected DHT hairs falling off- you will see a small fuzzy hair then those will be gone.
It may take about two to three months or less to see actual thick hair regrowing again. (you need to make a determination and make it habitual daily routine every single day apply Minoxidil on your scalp).
Massage the shampoo (regrowth hair product found in into your scalp every day (at least once).
Massage in the Minoxidil into you scalp every single (about 1~2 mins) how ever you feel that it's enough) You'll know because it will be your daily routine.
If you have been completely bald for over 5+ years- it may not be possible to regain it back.. So start early! If you see any sign of balding especially in the Temple area (the corners on the front hairline and crown area (the top of your head.
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