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Can you become goth?

Yes, you can. Contrary to popular, clique-driven-teenage rumours, there are NO initiation ceremonies, NO sexual, magical or satan-worshipping rituals, NO blood drinking, etc. This is something invented by teenagers and the like to test the morals and weaknesses of their fellows, in an idiotic attempt to form cliques that are harder to get into. Similarly, just donning the attire and musical taste does not make one goth. There are countless numbers of 'styles' that are much the same, and one must take into account the many people pretend to be part of a style in order to fit in or gain reputation, etc. in order to become goth, you must simply decide for yourself whether you want to be goth or not. If you want to be a goth, and decide to call yourself a goth from then on (until you decide you no longer wish to be goth) then you are then goth.
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