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Can sublimation transfers be made directly to a black t-shirt?

No, it wont show. Imagine a black sheet of paper you want to print in your office printer. There is no white ink, so the printing won't show.

If you want a black sublimated t-shirt, you have to go the cut and sew route. This means you have to cut the pieces of the shirt, print them with a plotter an a large format press, and sew them in to a shirt.

There are workarounds. You can use white transfer paper, that leaves a heavy hand, or a sublimatable patch, with the same results. You could print an already made t-shirt in a large press, but voids will be left on the seams of the shirt.

Also, there is a new product. Black polyester t-shirts that have a white blank space in the chest. The blank has the same feel of the rest of the shirt, and your final print leaves no hand, because is made directly in the poly fibers. The web site is
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