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Can a boy wear a leotard with out shorts?

A leotard is a one-piece garment that covers the upper and lower torso. Leotards made specifically for men are simple designs. A leotard is very comfortable to wear and gives complete freedom of movement for athletic activities.

Some wrestling outfits are similar to leotards, designed with short legs in a one piece outfit so that separate shorts are not necessary.

In ballet class, a boy or man can wear a tank-top leotard worn under tights instead of a tee-shirt and shorts. In fact, a leotard with tights instead of shorts is often preferred. Such dancewear gives an unbroken body outline to better showcase the appearance of the body during dance movements, or to let a teacher instantly see if a leg is not perfectly straight when it should be. Occasionally, dance performance costumes are designed based on a leotard alone. A male dancer might wear a leotard without shorts, but never without a dancebelt. A tan dance belt is worn underneath for the same function as a jock strap, but made with better form fitting material and less conspicuous seam thickness.

The same is possible for some stage costumes and circus costumes.

For gymnastics, as an activity akin to dance, for a special reason, a boy could wear a male leotard in the same way as a dancer. However, consideration should be given when the occasion calls for wearing only customary attire including shorts.

The question does not make clear whether it is asking when custom requires a boy to wear a leotard with shorts or not.

Other possibilities include a boy wearing a Halloween costume as a superhero with tights under or over the leotard, or as a circus performer. A leotard can be part of various other Halloween costume ideas.
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