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By-cast leather vs other forms of leather?

By-cast leather is a low grade of split leather that has a layer of polyurethane(plastic) put on the top. It is commonly used in furniture because it is much cheaper and cleans easier that real leather.
Some other forms of leather are:
-Full grain leather, which consists of a single cow hide that has not been sanded or split. This is considered very high quality leather and is very durable but more expensive.
-Bonded leather, which is made of leather fibers and a binding agent to create an inexpensive leather-like look. This is not very strong and does not have all of the good qualities of real leather.
-Corrected leather, this leather has imperfections on the surface. Because of this manufacturers sand or buff off the top layer of hide and then stamp the remaining piece of leather with a grain pattern. It is less expensive than full grain leather but will still hold up better than bonded leather will.
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