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Are skinny jeans the best kind of jeans?

Skinny jeans are the most popular trend at the moment. I personally LOVE them, but they may not fit EVERYONE'S needs. For example, I'm a little skinny and to be honest, I had to wash and sew a few of my pairs of jeans. They also are sometimes hard to move in if they're too tight. Wear what feels most comfortable and what YOU feel looks good. You CAN keep up with trends, but add your own personal style. For example, you could bedazzle them- I don't know. If you like skinny jeans and feel they look good on you, then sure they're the best. But remember, trends CHANGE. So if you're only concerned about keeping up with trends, bear in mind that they might not be in style a year later. If you're not concerned with trends, don't worry about it and wear what YOU want to wear! -Rachel
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