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Are sandals a type of shoes?

No, a sandal is technically a type of footwear, while shoes are another type, so are the boots. A shoe, although its foot coverage might vary, usually encases one's foot in a continuous fashion and it's not made of combined straps, unlike sandals. Shoes are usually close toed, but there are exception, like peep toes, which are open toed but not structured like a sandal. The footwear is something that protects your foot from things on the ground, orgets to be worn for style. That's what sandals and shoes have in common, so really, they are shoes. Such dinstinction is not very strict today, though, and it doesn't need to be, as "shoe" being the most common type of footwear has been popularly "promoted" as synonim of "footwear" and used as such. Here is a definition.
shoe /�u/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [shoo] Show IPA noun, plural shoes, (especially British Dialect) shoon; verb, shod or shoed, shod or shoed or shod�den, shoe�ing. Use shoes in a Sentence
--noun an external covering for the human foot, usually of leather and consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part ending a short distance above, at, or below the ankle.

it shows there that sandals CAN be a type of shoe, but this is also the definition of footwear.
while "sandals"
1 �/�sændl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [san-dl] Show IPA noun, verb, -daled, -dal�ing or (especially British) -dalled, -dal�ling.--noun 1. a shoe consisting of a sole of leather or other material fastened to the foot by thongs or straps. hope that answers your question.
Are much more specific.
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