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1define customer and customer service Describe external and internal customer with examples from the project work?

An External Customer is a person who is purchasing goods or services from you. An Internal Customer are the people who work in the organization, i.e. the Staff. Customer Service is about "being there" for the Customer. In business there is an implied contract between the Customer and the Company. The Customer expects to get what they pay for and to be treated with respect, and in a friendly and ethical manner. However, that's just Customer Service, not necessarily great Customer Service. Internal Customer Service is also about "being there" for your Staff. As well, there is an implied contract between Employer and Employee, that the Employee will be treated with respect by the employer; that the employee will be provided with the tools and knowledge to do their job satisfactorily; that the employer will recognize the employees' contributions; that the employer will provide honest, contructive feedback to the employee in order to help elevate their performance and know where they stand with the employer at all times.
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